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Xi 'an west measurement electronic technology service co. LTD

The company is mainly engaged in the environmental and reliability testing of military equipment and civil products, components testing and screening, electromagnetic environment testing, software evaluation, measurement and calibration and other technical services, covering aerospace, aviation, weapons, ships, electronics, power, petroleum, high-speed rail, new energy vehicles and other fields and industries. It has obtained a number of utility model patents and software Copyrights, and obtaine......

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business scope

Environment and reliability
01 Environment and reliability

It has more than 200 sets of professional equipment and 34 test projects. It undertakes environmental and reliability test of various types of navy, air force, army and armed police and a number of major aerospace engineering proj......

Electromagnetic compatibility test
02 Electromagnetic compatibility test

The 3-meter semi-anechoic chamber and shielding room in olteau, Germany, equipped with imported R&S high-precision test system, can cover electromagnetic compatibility test items of gjb151b-2013 series standards, aircraft power su......

Components testing and screening
03 Components testing and screening

It has more than 100 sets of professional inspection and testing equipment, and a stable technical team specializing in component testing and screening, which has completed more than 12,000 kinds of integrated circuit testing proc......

Composite testing
04 Composite testing

In the construction of…...

Measurement standard
05 Measurement standard

In the construction of…...

Software evaluation
06 Software evaluation

In the construction of…...

Key test project


Environmental and Reliability Assessment Tests of Various Types of Products in Navy-Ship Project; Hai-XX Multi-Type Airc......



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